Never Fall Victim to Cybercrime Again With NotCommon’s Web3 Security Platform

• Web3 security platform NotCommon has gone live after receiving $1.5 million in funding.
• The platform is a one-stop shop for both artists and collectors to trade and exhibit work, as well as protect users from cybercrime.
• It also provides education on how to protect digital assets, as well as a curated blacklist of web3 fraudsters.

NotCommon Security Platform Goes Live

Web3 security platform NotCommon has just gone live following a successful $1.5 million funding round. The platform provides users with a one-stop shop for both artists and collectors to trade and exhibit their work while protecting them from cybercrime in the Web3 space.

Protecting Users From Cybercrime

In 2022 alone, hackers stole an estimated $175M in digital assets through targeting Web3 platforms – leaving many users out of pocket and unable to recover their stolen collections due to the lack of safety nets present within these services. By providing protection from malicious actors, NotCommon aims to create an environment where users can safely store and manage their collections without worry of theft or fraud.

Providing Education & Resources

To ensure that all Web3 users are aware of the dangers posed by criminals, NotCommon have prioritised education on how best to protect digital assets – providing resources which allow individuals to better understand the risks associated with trading online. In addition, NotCommon have created a curated blacklist of fraudulent actors which will help individuals identify any potential issues before they occur.

Creating New Standards For Digital Creativity

Not Common hope that by focusing on security they can help create a new era of digital creativity which is not hampered by security concerns – allowing both artists and collectors alike to feel comfortable when trading online without fear of being targeted by malicious actors.


It’s clear that NotCommon have set out with an ambitious mission: To make the Web3 space safer for everyone who uses it – regardless of whether they’re newcomers or seasoned veterans. With this goal in mind, it’s likely that we’ll see more projects like this emerge over time as developers continue to look for ways to tackle the rising threat posed by cybercriminals on the blockchain space .