Crypto Exchange CryptoUnity Targets Beginners in Crypto Ecosystem

• CryptoUnity is a Slovenian start-up building an exchange to target beginners in the crypto ecosystem.
• The user-friendly interface and comprehensive educational resources on CryptoUnity are designed to make the world of cryptocurrency more accessible.
• The CUT token powers the CryptoUnity ecosystem, providing holders with benefits such as lower fees and other loyalty programs.

CryptoUnity: A Beginner-Focused Exchange

CryptoUnity is a Slovenian start-up that is building a beginner-focused crypto exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange seeks to close the gap for beginners in the ecosystem and make it easier to navigate through the crypto space. It provides users with an easy-to-use user interface and comprehensive educational resources, making cryptocurrencies more accessible and less intimidating for newcomers.

Safety and Transparency

In addition to its user-friendly nature, CryptoUnity also focuses on safety by implementing a cold wallet system with an NFC card for secure funds storage. Furthermore, it has passed audits from QuilAudits and CertiK, receiving a CertiK KYC Gold badge which shows its commitment to transparency and accountability.

The CUT Token

The CUT token is the utility token that powers the CryptoUnity ecosystem. It has a total supply of one billion tokens and provides holders with multiple benefits such as lower fees, holder rewards, access to further education, advantages on giveaways, and early access to some ICO presales.


CryptoUnity’s partnership with Lenovo serves as another positive factor for users who prefer dealing with big tech companies when it comes to security matters.


In conclusion, CryptoUnity is targeting newcomers in order to provide them with an easy way into the world of cryptocurrencies without sacrificing security or transparency in any way. With its cutting edge technology and partnerships with big tech companies like Lenovo, it looks set to become one of the go-to exchanges for newbies in no time!